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Disaster can strike at any given moment, giving you barely any time to react. When that happens, the resulting damage can significantly impact your finances, living situation, and much more. If you’ve been affected by mold, fire or water damage, seeking out a contractor for residential and commercial restoration in Denver, CO, is your first step toward recovery.

Here at Colorado Cleanup Services, Inc., we provide a wide variety of mold mitigation, fire damage restoration, and water extraction services designed to address nearly any type of damage that occurs to your home or business. We strive to keep everything affordable and work quickly to ensure you can get back to a normal life.

Water & Fire Damage Experts

When the temperature drops, water starts to freeze. Most home irrigation systems are designed with the weather in mind, but at 20 degrees Fahrenheit, your pipes may start to freeze up. Even some temperatures above that can result in frozen water, especially if your pipes have poor insulation. The damage might not be apparent right away, but if you notice anything out of the ordinary, contacting a knowledgeable professional is of the utmost importance. We can provide you with water mitigation services to ensure your home is protected before a disaster strikes.

If the problem is not addressed, further damage from busted pipes can occur. When this happens, your home becomes flooded, forcing you to make expensive repairs. Taking the proper precautions can save you money. However, if your home is damaged as a result of flooding, our restoration company is here to help you.

The opposing element, fire, can be even more devastating than a flood. This destructive force is unstoppable if not dealt with quickly. Once a fire is out of control, the damage it causes can be catastrophic. Colorado Cleanup Services, Inc. is equipped with the skill and tools to help you rebuild and restore your structure, whether it’s a home or a business.