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Colorado Cleanup Services, Inc. specializes in asbestos abatement in and around the Denver, CO metro area. Asbestos consists of minerals in the form of fibers and exposure can lead to cancer, mesothelioma and other serious health risks. Asbestos is applied in various industries as a durable material that supports insulation and roofing. Although intact asbestos is generally not dangerous, it should be immediately assessed by a professional if it becomes disturbed.


Asbestos becomes hazardous when the fibers are disturbed and released into the air. This is the result of structural damage and deterioration. You may experience asbestos exposure during a structure demolition, renovation project or when a building is severely aged. When the released fibers are breathed in, they enter the lungs and can accumulate. As a result, you’ll be highly susceptible to breathing and health problems.


Trained and certified technicians are trained to evaluate residential and commercial spaces and detect exposed asbestos. Our top priority is to protect your health and keep your environment safe. We’ll look for potential problems during an inspection and devise a removal plan for spaces that have asbestos exposure. Our technicians have specialized knowledge and abatement methods for handling your asbestos exposure. After your home or building is treated and stabilized, we’ll advise you on how to prevent exposure from reoccurring.