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  • Is mold really of concern in Colorado?
    Yes. All that mold needs in order to grow is moisture/high humidity, something organic to grow on (wood, dirt, paper on your drywall, etc.) and the right temperature. If your home or business has condensation, seepage, broken pipes, leaky roofs, improper ventilation, etc., there is a risk for mold growth. The sooner you have a professional examine and dry or remove the wet areas, the less chance that you will have a mold problem.
  • Is mold dangerous?
    It certainly can be. Certain types of molds have the potential to cause serious health effects. Some molds produce allergens that can trigger allergic reactions and/or asthma attacks in people and animals. Others produce toxins. Stachybotrys (black mold), Aspergillus, and Penicillium are three of the most dangerous commonly found indoor molds. Mycotoxins can pass through the human cellular wall and disrupt certain cellular processes which can potentially cause serious health issues. Both living and dead mold spores have potential dangers.


    CCS technicians have the training and experience to address your mold problems! We do NOT try to scare our customers….we explain to our customers what the problem is (IF they even have a problem) and exactly what steps need to be taken to correct it and return the property to pre-existing condition.

  • What should I do if my property is flooded with water?
    SAFETY FIRST!!! Do NOT enter the structure if it appears unstable. Ceilings can fall and do sometimes fall on people if they are soaked with water. Do NOT enter a room with standing water until the electricity has been turned off. Call CCS to immediately remove the standing water and begin the drying process.


    Many insurance policies do NOT cover mold damage but do cover certain types of water problems. If you do not have a professional that is equipped with the training, proper equipment and experience, you may not be able to dry the structure thoroughly or quickly enough to prevent a mold problem. Mold may very well not be covered by your insurance policy and could have been avoided if you had called a reputable professional early on.

  • Can CCS get rid of odor?
    Yes! CCS has a process for odor removal that can eliminate odors resulting from cigarette smoke, sewage, pets, chemicals, gases, bodily fluids, spoiled milk and other foods, etc.
  • How much experience does CCS have?
    CCS has more than 150 years of combined experience in the remediation, restoration and construction industries. CCS is a “One-Stop-Shop” saving our customers time and money and the hassle of having to deal with multiple companies during the stressful time of a property disaster.
  • Can’t I just cleanup the mold with bleach?
    Bleach is a very poor choice for cleaning mold; in fact improper use of bleach can be a violation of Federal law and can be very dangerous. When dealing with a mold problem, cleaning and removing the fungal growth is far more important than trying to kill it. Dead mold spores can be just as dangerous to your health as live ones!
  • What are your CCS work hours?
    CCS is available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week, and 365-days a year for your emergency needs!
  • What else can you tell me about CCS?
    • Family-owned and operated since 2004
    • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
    • Members Team Dave Logan and Haystack Colorado
    • We provide the highest quality of work at competitive prices utilizing cutting-edge technology
  • Do I have to work with the restoration company my insurance recommends?Insurance companies will sometimes refer you to a list of contractors that they have experience with, or are on their preferred vendor programs. CCS is a member of several Insurance Preferred programs and have likely worked with your carrier. We’re glad to work with any insurance company, or with you. It’s our hope that something like the event you’re experiencing happens to you only this one time and you have our word, that we will do the best job possible to return your property to pre-event condition. We will likely work with your insurance company hundreds of times, so we want to keep the experience for you excellent today, and excellent for them for years to come!

    As a property owner, you have the right to choose the restoration company you feel most comfortable with and it is a really important decision.

    On May 17, 2007, Colorado passed a bill  allowing YOU the RIGHT TO CHOOSE your Restoration contractor when filing an insurance claim.

    When deciding which restoration company will suit your needs best, look for a qualified and reputable company, that will stand behind work performed and warranty their services.  Colorado Cleanup Services has been serving the Denver and surrounding areas since 2004.  We have an A+ record with the Better Business Bureau, are proud members of Team Dave Logan, are a IICRC Certified Firm, and have earned the Gold Star Award from the BBB multiple years.